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About us

Our company was transformed into a limited liability company in 1997.

Formerly, in 1991 it was established as a family enterprise having the tool manufacturing and tool trade as basic activity. Since its transformation into an Ltd it has been operating with 12 employees besides the two owners.

The leader and majority proprietor of the company is Mr Tamás Szepesi and his wife, Mrs Tamásné Szepesi.

The profile of our production is characterized by tool manufacturing, furthermore the mass-production and manufacturing of non-series products. The low staff number allows flexibility; the positive attitude of the workers and the application of modern, high-level machining centres give opportunity for a precision essentially needed in the manufacturing process. Our products fully meet the criteria of the quality management system applied by our customers. The accurate fulfilment of the undertaken delivery deadlines can be kept even in case when a short run-through period is requested. The manufacturing of the non-series parts and tools can be provided by the continuous development of our machine park. Our machines are generally 2-3 years old. The wire cut electric spark machines, which are indispensably needed for the manufacturing of plate forming machines are 1-2 years old, thus they can assure an accurate and prompt operation. To the manufacturing support of the machining centres we apply UGS NX5 system, providing by this the turning of free surfaces of 3-5 axles. The dimensional and form accuracy of the manufactured parts and tool elements are checked by HEXAGON global measuring device.